Healthy Step 9



The finish line –  are you there yet?

When you are approaching your weight loss goal, how do you tell when you reach it?

  • Your BMI should be between 20 and 23. There is evidence that 20 or 21 is healthier than 22 when it comes to heart health. A little flab isn’t ok
  • Your friends say you are getting “painfully thin”. In actuality, this is when your “pain” becomes minimal. Being thin feels good, like getting out of jail.
  • You can easily take the stairs, walk and even trot or run for a 2 – mile distance.

This is a great zone in which to live the rest of your life. Weighing each and every day when you get up in the morning is recommended. Any up-tick in weight requires immediate action in the form of stricter dietary control and increased walking and less sitting.

Your clothes may fit you and you can see your shape. The education and motivation for the weight-loss part of our program may be done, but —–

You may be on a roll.

You have taken control of your wheelhouse, improved your health and your appearance, but you might want even more. This new you may want to set sail for new ports. For example:

  • A better education is rarely regrettable; it is like a good run. We feel good after some refreshing exercise. While learning is an end in itself, education may also lead to better job prospects. Anyone who can lose weight and keep it off can progress in their education and career.
  • What about your job? If you don’t hate it, keep it. But if you don’t enjoy what you do for a living, you may benefit from a change. Life is too short to have a hateful job. Nearly 60 percent of entry-level workers dislike their work; approximately 45 percent hate their work at age 50 and 40 percent in workers older than 50.    Unhappy workers     It is usually better to get the new job before giving notice at your current job.
  • What about your significant other? In the movies people are perfect, but in real life we are very human, and very imperfect. But if your significant other is lying to you, playing games or otherwise taking advantage of you, take action. You have thrown the monkeys out of your wheelhouse, and you might as well clear out other life ruining problems as well. Just a thought.
  • Friends can be another source of difficulty. Make a list and see which ones take advantage of you or talk down to you or talk a good game but never come through for you. The friends who supported you on you healthy journey are keepers, while others may need to be revised (like you revised the food you now eat).
  • Name some other things in your life that you want to change, but have been hesitant till now.


We talked previously about comparing your life to a movie. You are the star of your own movie and, like all movies, it will eventually end. How many times have you paid your money to watch a movie, and then 10 or 20 minutes later decide that the movie isn’t any good? Did you sit through the whole movie, hoping it would get better, or did you leave to do something that suited you better?  Just how many bad movies get better? What type of decision-maker are you? Making some of these changes above would have been premature when you were just starting the Thindex program. Now that you have strengthened your body, lost your excess weight and cast out the negative thoughts that paralyze us all at times – you may be ready to do more. As always, the choice is up to you.

This Thindex educational segment is complete, but the roses will go on forever. We hope that you, as an alumnus of, will stay in touch and keep learning from our bulletin boards, visiting lecturers and new books that come along. Casey will be expanding his coverage of pollution and global warming until his muzzle turns totally grey. We hope you have a great life – Casey and Joe at

Put a sock it it, Joe. You said I could do this last Health Step. I'm tired of working for you.






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Lodge Overview

Welcome to Thindex – your guide to better health and life.

This website is a little off–the–wall (like all of us, maybe). I'm not trying to sell you anything, and I'm not trying to collect information about you.

The purpose of this website is simply to help you improve your health and, ultimately, the quality of your life and eventual destiny.

That's it. No hidden agenda.

This website is my push to get you to change So, come on into the lodge and feel free to browse around for a bit. I hope that you find the information helpful.

Joseph R. McFarland MD

What you can find in the Lodge:
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Where do I start?

Thindex is an easy going website, focusing on your health improvement. Getting healthier isn't complicated or expensive. If you do it without outside help you will have a much better chance for permanent lifetime success.

  1. step one: Click on "Calculate my thindex". Enter the data requested. You will need an accurate time that it takes for you to walk or run a mile to get the complete data for your thindex. The dot between the green and red lines is where you fit in to your age group. Hanging close to the green line is where you want to be. Below zero is not good unless you are very old. Most Americans will be below zero.
  2. Step two: Use the information from Step one to make a decision about improving your health and destiny from this moment on.
  3. Step three: Cruise around the website and check a few of my blogs, the videos, the guest lecturers, pollution and diet news. Also check the rose of the day and Casey's Corner for kids.
  4. Step four: You can use this site and the 9 health steps to move yourself towards better health. Or you can do your own thing and check your progress with our calculator.
This site is put together by Joseph McFarland MD. As an Orthopedic Surgeon, I have seen some nasty wounds over the last 40 years. I have never seen wounds as bad as what we Americans are doing to ourselves by eating unhealthy foods and not getting nearly enough exercise. These wounds can heal if you reverse the cause. The information you need is all here and it is all free.

Calculate my Thindex

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Health Steps: There are 9 progressive health steps that ease you slowly towards better health.


Blogs: A variety of health topics


Guest speakers: Talks by a variety of diet experts


Recommended reading: Diet and exercise books in which we believe.


Rose of the day: Daily rose with comments that you can mail to friends or enemies, telling them how you are doing.


Casey's corner: Pollution and general advice for young kids.


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Why pick on soda pop as the first thing to eliminate as you go through the health steps?

Look up Sylvia Booth Hubbard – soda. She lists an even longer list of soda pop related problems. "Thirteen new ways colas ruin your health" (protected)

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Potatoes are a good starch source but when overheated above boiling produce acrylamide , a known carcinogen. These products are oversalted and some still contain trans fats which cause arteriosclerosis.