What are the healthy steps?

The healthy steps lead you gradually, step by step, toward a sustainably healthy way of living for the rest of your life. Losing excess weight is a healthy thing, and dieting will usually work for the goal of weight loss. If you do it with outside help (like special foods or weekly meetings), you may have found that when that outside help goes away, the weight usually returns and you end up feeling unhappy as well as unhealthy. By changing the reasons you became overweight and de-conditioned, the healthy steps guide you in making personal choices that will permanently give you a confident physical body.

Your body and your state of health are made up of the decisions you make about exercising and eating.  You ate the doughnut, or drank the milkshake, or sat on the couch instead of going for a walk. You made those choices – and the condition of your body today is the sum total of all those choices you have made during your lifetime. Your mind may have learned to function in negative ways, but you can retrain your behaviors and reprogram your brain for a healthier you.

Most Americans are overweight because they have poor eating habits and do not exercise regularly.  Did you know that as we age, we tend to get weaker each year? Without exercising, we lose about 2 pounds of muscle per year, so we have less muscle, and muscle burns calories. This makes it easier to gain weight, and so we move less, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Thindex  provides a way to break that cycle. There are guest speakers and diet and exercise news at the Lodge, as well as a blog and Rose-A-Day. If you visit these roses every day you’ll find affirmations for your journey to better health, and something else: you may notice that these roses are not professionally grown or photographed. They all have tiny imperfections in them just like we all do, and isn’t that part of our beauty? We hope you will share these roses with a friend – often weight loss goes better if you have a friend to share your victories. Next year when the first rose “blooms” again, you will be fitter, thinner and healthier – forever.

You may have dieted before, so this isn’t your first rodeo, so to speak! In order for this to be your last diet, there have to be some changes – in you. When you change the way your brain makes decisions, you can lead a healthier life. A life you choose, by making better choices every day.

When you follow the healthy steps, your fitness and health will improve and your life will become better and much more fun. If you think of the healthy steps as a “stairway to health”, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you can imagine the good choices you can start making. If you look back over your life, you may find that some of the things that were hardest to do were also the best things you did. The healthy steps are a starting point for the rest of your life.

I could wish you the best of luck taking the healthy steps, but I don’t actually believe in luck. I believe in you.

Oh, I almost forgot! Moving toward health includes dropping harmful foods and adding foods that do have value. Some of these foods may seem addictive. You will need to drop some dietary items every few healthy steps; once a food is dropped, it no longer has a place in your home.

What are your personal food problems?









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Lodge Overview

Welcome to Thindex – your guide to better health and life.

This website is a little off–the–wall (like all of us, maybe). I'm not trying to sell you anything, and I'm not trying to collect information about you.

The purpose of this website is simply to help you improve your health and, ultimately, the quality of your life and eventual destiny.

That's it. No hidden agenda.

This website is my push to get you to change So, come on into the lodge and feel free to browse around for a bit. I hope that you find the information helpful.

Joseph R. McFarland MD

What you can find in the Lodge:
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Where do I start?

Thindex is an easy going website, focusing on your health improvement. Getting healthier isn't complicated or expensive. If you do it without outside help you will have a much better chance for permanent lifetime success.

  1. step one: Click on "Calculate my thindex". Enter the data requested. You will need an accurate time that it takes for you to walk or run a mile to get the complete data for your thindex. The dot between the green and red lines is where you fit in to your age group. Hanging close to the green line is where you want to be. Below zero is not good unless you are very old. Most Americans will be below zero.
  2. Step two: Use the information from Step one to make a decision about improving your health and destiny from this moment on.
  3. Step three: Cruise around the website and check a few of my blogs, the videos, the guest lecturers, pollution and diet news. Also check the rose of the day and Casey's Corner for kids.
  4. Step four: You can use this site and the 9 health steps to move yourself towards better health. Or you can do your own thing and check your progress with our calculator.
This site is put together by Joseph McFarland MD. As an Orthopedic Surgeon, I have seen some nasty wounds over the last 40 years. I have never seen wounds as bad as what we Americans are doing to ourselves by eating unhealthy foods and not getting nearly enough exercise. These wounds can heal if you reverse the cause. The information you need is all here and it is all free.

Calculate my Thindex

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Health Steps: There are 9 progressive health steps that ease you slowly towards better health.


Blogs: A variety of health topics


Guest speakers: Talks by a variety of diet experts


Recommended reading: Diet and exercise books in which we believe.


Rose of the day: Daily rose with comments that you can mail to friends or enemies, telling them how you are doing.


Casey's corner: Pollution and general advice for young kids.


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Why pick on soda pop as the first thing to eliminate as you go through the health steps?

Look up Sylvia Booth Hubbard – soda. She lists an even longer list of soda pop related problems. "Thirteen new ways colas ruin your health" (protected)

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Potatoes are a good starch source but when overheated above boiling produce acrylamide , a known carcinogen. These products are oversalted and some still contain trans fats which cause arteriosclerosis.